Forum Title: How do you handle angry customers?
So I was on site for a job, I didn't start but was helping the crew finish and the owner of the home was not happy. He was yelling, slamming things, cussing everyone out. The one guy on our crew had to walk about because he was ready to punch him. I didn't know what to do myself as I never seen someone so angry over the color of his shingles.How do you handle angry customers?
Category: Roofing Post By: CLAUDIA GRAVES (Corpus Christi, TX), 01/26/2018

It is hard to say because anger can come in many forms. We had an old woman ripping one of the crew's head's off before over how he parked the truck too far over and she couldn't let her dog out the side door. I guess the dog pee'd in the house. It was funny. Sometimes you just have to keep a straight face and laugh in your head.

- TERESA H (Denver, CO), 03/04/2018

You have to realize that some people are just jerks. Sometimes people take bad things out on your. Maybe something happened to the guy. Just finish the job and move on. That‚s the best advice anyone can give.

- TERRY NGUYEN (Buckeye, AZ), 03/06/2018

I wish I could punch some of them honestly but then I'd be out of a job! LOL But I usually do my best to bite my tongue and have them call the man in charge. He sorts out the messes real well. If I tried this, I would end up in a jail cell lol

- BRITTANY BATES (Chino, CA), 03/30/2018

I usually tell them to talk to the hand because the face isn‚t listening. Generally speaking, most people get angry over useless stuff. It‚s not about you or the job you‚re doing. It‚s all about their own personal life. Not the roof you‚re working on.

- CARL PHILLIPS (Springfield, IL), 04/08/2018

I don't. When someone is unhappy, they talk to the boss not to me. That is what I tell them. They sometimes get even more mad so I just leave. Sometimes my boss gets pissed but most of the time he knows it is better than arguing with a customer.

- CONNIE REYNOLDS (Bolingbrook, IL), 05/09/2018

I haven‚t heard that in a long time. I felt like it was a blast to the past. It‚s not so easy for me. Maybe I take things too seriously. The guy kind of hurt my feelings. I‚m a little embarrassed to admit that.

- ERIN LITTLE (Vista, CA), 05/08/2018

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